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Spring Winner

The Corner of Jones and 6th

If you stand on the corner of Jones and 6th and look up at the window of the old Wagner house, you might see her there standing and watching, as she often does. It was by accident that I noticed this on the day that we were moving in next door. As I stood and watched the moving van pull into my driveway, I noticed her staring at me. I lifted my hand in a wave, and she waved back, before disappearing into the room behind her.

The next morning, when the Wagner’s came to introduce themselves, I asked about her. They told me that they had no idea what I was talking about, but I knew what I saw. Every day after that I stood on the corner of Jones and 6th and waved to her, and she would wave back. One day, while the Wagner’s were at work, I waved to her and she beckoned me to come inside.

I knocked on the door, and it swung open. I journeyed upstairs, to where I knew she would be, but I couldn’t see her. I looked out the window, and there she was on the corner, waving up at me. I tried to leave, but the door had vanished. So, if you stand on the corner of Jones and 6th and look up at the window of the old Wagner house, you might see me there standing and watching, as I often do.



Fall Winner

Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend


Asher and I grew up together

We played every day no matter the weather

I was his friend and he was my best

Only he could see me- unlike the rest


Sometimes he’d change the way I would look

Whenever we would play pretend

Every night he would read me a book

And on weekends we’d play to no end


One day a family moved in next door

With a girl about Asher’s age

He’d go over there, and me he’d ignore

And my heart would fill up with rage.


Soon enough, I started to fade

But little did Asher care

He was too busy and with the girl he stayed

As my heart cried out its prayer:

Stay with me

Play with me


That’s all I ask.

You’re my friend forever and ever

Stay with me

Play with me

As time will pass

So we can grow old together


But he would not listen

He would not hear

One word that I would say

I made a petition

I showed him my tears

But he ignored me and with her he would play


As time passed I faded completely

And I existed no more

From all of this my heart was hurt deeply

Because of the girl next door.


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