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Is Homework Useful?

Most people tend to think about how homework is useful or not. Today at Alta high school we got a few people to point out their point of view on how homework has benefited them, how it causes them stress or anxiety, and how they feel about homework taking away from the free time when they get at home.

Sophomore Vice president Burke Staker said homework gives him a lot of stress.  “I’m really busy with sports outside of school so it just adds on to the things I have to do besides sports in my free time.” he said. “I feel homework is not really that beneficial.”

With students playing sports and having jobs it is hard to stay caught up on all the homework that teachers give out.

Sophomore President Zach Lovell said “Homework in some cases does not contribute to the things we are learning in the lesson.”

While in some cases students need to do homework because of missing class or being off task. There is a good amount of homework.

Student Cameron Clegg explained, “Well in the classroom I really enjoy doing my homework Because I just like to learn and it really is one of my passions”

Teacher Ms.Lindsey Cline said she doesn’t need to give homework if students are using their class time wisely. “For me personally as an English and Theater teacher, as long as students are using their class time wisely they don’t need homework.”

These people gave really good examples on how homework was beneficial for them. However most of them thought that homework hasn’t really been beneficial and how homework shouldn’t be given out. To all the different students in certain classes.

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