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Last week’s snow piled high. This photo taken at Suncrest above Draper illustrates the impact one to two feet of snow has on the community.

Snowstorms Push Spring Sport Tryouts Inside

With two feet of snow on the ground and cold temperatures in the forecast, spring sports coaches are hard at work problem solving on how to navigate the early part of the season without being able to go outside.

“We’re asking mother nature for a big favor,” says Head Baseball Coach Daron Connelly, “We can’t play ball until the snow stops and melts. Hopefully that happens soon.”

Tryouts for spring sports are only a few days away, and sports are going to have to improvise in order to hold tryouts. In anticipation for snow blocking teams from holding outdoor tryouts, the school has split time in the field house evenly between all sports. The schedule, which is subject to change, is as follows:

Soccer: 2:45 -4:10

Baseball: 4:10-5:40

Softball: 5:40-7:05

Girls Lacrosse: 7:05-8:30

Boys Lacrosse: 8:30-10:00

(Keep in mind that this is a rough schedule and that you should check with your individual sport for exact times, where to meet, etc.)

Coaches are also busy, figuring out ways to simulate being outside. “While it’s not the same, we can still attempt to make things feel as if they are normal,” says Connelly, “Its not ideal, but we can only do so much about it, so until the snow melts, we just have to proceed business as normal.”

For soccer, they are doing what they can to hold an effective tryout with what little space they have. From splitting up tryout groups, to changing the conditioning routine, they are doing their best to make the most of the conditions they have.

“Its really tough being stuck inside,” says Junior Thiago Moreira, “We cant move around very well with the limited space. I think we are all just really anxious to get outside and be able to feel some real grass under our cleats.”

All sports programs are dealing with the weather in their own ways, but one thing is certain: when the snow thaws, the Hawks will be ready to compete.

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