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Alta Student Max Plott shows his Aptitude for Music and Determination.

Meet music lover and performer Max Plott.

Max, a recent transfer from Jordan High School, is a Junior. When it comes to music, Max is certainly more driven than most. He has shown to be musically talented his entire life. “Max is phenomenal at drums,” Elijah Adolphson, former band mate said, “it’s been so fun to watch him improve at drumming and singing.”

He first started playing drums at eight years old. In his younger days he participated in school of rock. His skills include but are not limited to drums, guitar, piano, bass guitar, and singing. “Its been amazing watching Max’s musical style change as he gets into different instruments over the years” 

Plott also was a part of a jazz band as well as leading percussion at Jordan. He was a part of the band Psychedelic Purple for three and a half years and is now onto new projects, one of which is a solo project and another is the band Raining Pouring

Max has since played at many venues in Utah like Kilby Court, Velour, The Loading Dock, Fork fest, Fitcon, and many more. Max has recently produced two singles. “Downpour” and “Crystal Eyes”. It goes without saying Max has an aptitude for music. Max plans to continue playing and refining his skill. 

Max is sure to get great grades no matter what class or teacher. Max has had steady 4.0’s most of his high school career. “The key is having constant communication with your teachers,” he said. He actively communicates with his teachers and peers often to make sure his work is done. He is constantly doing things to help his overall health and wellness. He is active, works out twice a week and has a great social life and working life

Max is a great person to have in your life. He is constantly motivating his peers to do better in many different aspects of life. He encourages his peers to workout, read, and stay on top of their work. Plott is very outgoing and loves to hangout with friends and socialize at school. He is great at balancing music, social life, and education.

“My game plan musically is to work with everyone I can,” Max said. He loves collaborating with other artists to make new sounds that work for any situation. He has explored many genres in his individual projects and collaborations. Everyone needs someone in their life that helps you move forward. Surround yourself with people like Max and you will be much more motivated!

Max also actively participates in the environmental club. They have regular meetings and do what they can to make change. It is a great chance to do community service as well as socialize with others, which Plott frequently does.

Max’s current biggest project is titled “Big James Sunday.” He is releasing an EP for this on Friday with his former band mate Liam Williams. It is their collaborative indie project and will be out on Spotify as well as Apple Music. His EP includes four different songs, to be released as of the 14th of April. “The genre is like its own thing, it’s a new sound… the goal is to become famous.”

“[The EP] has a very different sound and style to anything else I’ve heard” Elijah said, “I definitely think people should give it a listen because the songwriting is great and I think lots of people will like it.”

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