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Snow is deep at Alta Ski Resort this year. The silver lining of this year’s massive snowfall is that skiiers will enjoy their favorite winter sport into the summer. Snowbird believes skiiers will still be skiing on the 4th of July this year.

The Silver Lining To No Spring

Snow, there's a lot of it.

With over seven-hundred inches of snowfall in the mountains it’s safe to say spring did not come early this year. 

Alta, Brighton, and Snowbird Resorts have all broken their four decade long record of snowfall this year and skiers and snowboarders are loving it. 

Dane Hartman skis at Alta and says, “This is the best snow I have ever seen. Usually at this time of year we don’t get a lot of snow but it just keeps on coming.” 

Solitude plans to stay open until May at least and Snowbird is hopeful to have skiers on the hill on the 4th of July. 

“Skiing in the summer would be so fun,” said freshman Tanner Kunz. 

Just to put seven-hundred inches into perspective, that is fifty-eight feet

Skiing in the summer would be so fun.

— Tanner Kunz, Freshman

of snowfall this winter. After breaking almost every snow total in the nation it is a very impressive winter.    

While winter sport enthusiasts are excited, spring sport participants are less than thrilled. With all the snow it has been muddy, rainy, or covered in snow. 

Alta’s longest standing coach and current athletic director, Morgan Brown says, “This is the snowiest winter I have ever seen at Alta.”

On a few occasions you can see the spring sports all shoveling the turf between baseball, track, lacrosse, and soccer. There isn’t enough time or space to have every team practice everyday in the field house. 

Bennett Ewing says, “It wasn’t fun but we had to do it to practice and play in games.”

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