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Class officer voting took place Wednesday. Final voting takes place through CSDDOCs on Friday.

Students Campaign for Class Offices


The 2023 senior class voting has officially begun! With final elections just around the corner, voting is as important as ever. With a total of 36 students in the running for the coveted 16 offices, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Students received ballots through their CSDDOCS email. Students could click on the link and vote in the Primary election. Final voting will be done through an email link on Friday, April 14.


This year’s candidates include: Cole Kunkel and Carter Goodfellow for President, with Ben Ramos, Colton Stephens, Henry Hohl, and Sawyer Springer are on the ticket for Vice-President. Secretary candidates are Conner “Gunny” Gunnarson, Kate Heaton, Shaylee Jensen, and Maddie Evans. Historian candidates include Reagan Tesch and Simon Katz. William Nord and Landon Pack are running for Public Relations.

The students have all been campaigning for the elections to try and up their chances to get elected. Most students made shirts for them and all their friends to wear around the school to get attention from other students. The school has also put all of the campaign slides up onto the jumbotron in the commons.  When asked about not having a campaign slide, Colton Stephens said ¨I don’t think I need one, I trust my peers to make the right decision.¨

With all of these campaign tactics coming into play all runners have the same opportunities to get seen. When asked about campaigning Landon Pack said he just tries to get his name out there in a good light. “I want people to want to vote for me,¨ he said. Pack was an officer both his freshman and sophomore years. 

Goodfellow had a very close loss to Garret Jessop in the SBO elections before Spring Break, which motivated him to run for this position. Carter and Garret were by far the closest in the running for SBO, being neck and neck in voting the entire election. When asked about this Goodfellow said, ¨It made me want to win Senior Class President. I hope students give me their vote.¨

The most important thing students can do is vote so their voice is heard and reflected in next year’s student government who plans activities and events throughout the year.


Sophomore Zachary Lovell is running for Junior Class President. Burke Staker and Gage Lowe are facing off for Vice-President. Kyler Godfrey and Sofia Davenport are candidates for Secretary. Griffin Anthony and Joshua Graham are candidates for Historian. Aubrey Carter and Matt Okerlund are in the running for Public Relations Officer with Ella Engstrom running for Junior Tech Officer.

Many of these candidates have experience in student government and hope to continue in some capacity to serve the students of the school.

Lovell has been part of student government for the past two years knows that making everyone feel included and part of the student body is huge, so he wants to help student government implement even more activities to boost the inclusiveness among students.  “I want to make everyone feel included,” he said. “We can do that by recognizing more smaller clubs and groups.

Vice President candidate Gage Lowe believes events at the school can be swayed toward one  group of people. “As a Junior Vice-President, I can change this narrative,” he said.


The students running for president include: Coby Goodfellow and Cole Haddock. The Vice president candidates are Mya Woodhouse, Sam Wray, and Zak Paepke. Secretary include: Connor Rasmussen and Ber Strong. The historian candidates are Sophie Lo, Rylee Thompson, and Brock Russell. Public Relations students running include: Bennett Ewing and Amberly Updike.

Cole Haddock who is running for president wants to make sure everyone has a friend. He says, “I can be a friend to everyone so everyone feels like they are part of the Alta family.”

Community is an important part of being a student at Alta. There are so many opportunities and a way to be involved. Sam Wray who is running for vice president loves going to all the sporting events and showing his Alta spirit.

Some ideas these candidates have for next year are making sure everyone is involved, helping to set up and create fun events, and lending a helping hand to anyone in need.

The final results will be released on Friday, April 14 at the end of the school day.

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