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The country flags in the Commons represent students and staff at Alta.

New Country Flags Representing Staff and Students Installed in the Commons

The new flag display in the commons promotes inclusion and diversity at Alta High School and ensures that all students feel welcome.

The school commons area received a new interior design treatment over spring break.

Flags from many of the countries representing students from Alta are now hanging from the ceiling of the commons area.   

The flags represent the cultures and heritage of everyone at Alta, and students agree that this flag display is beneficial to representing the outnumbered at the school. Inclusivity is a huge part of being an Alta hawk, and the flag display makes it easier for Alta students to show their unity and diversity.

Teacher Izzy Gustafson said , “The display includes everybody possible, both staff and students, present and past. I think it’s a very classy touch to our commons.” 

Assistant Principal Melissa Lister spearheaded the project and loves the feelings of unification it promotes. “I think students now feel more comfortable to dress in their natural garb, to be themselves, to speak their languages, to have their heritage really be out there,” she said. “Kids feel comfortable, and I think other kids want to learn more, and want to support other students and staff members from other countries.”

Having the flags in the common makes that more apparent. “The administration and staff hope that these flags really impact the students and the environment surrounding culture here at Alta,” Lister said.

It includes everybody possible, both staff and students, present and past. I think it’s a very classy touch to our commons.

— Coach G.

The student body also agrees that the flags in the commons are a good idea. Addy Brownell commented, “I think the flags in the commons are really a great idea to let everyone know we are a welcoming school.” 

The administration plans to continue expanding the display.  Lister said future plans include adding more countries that represent students. The school will get a list mid year of all the different countries represented among the student body.  “We’re going to order more,” Lister said. “That’s why we left so much space. We can keep adding flags.” 

The flag display in the commons has become a unique and cherished part of Alta and a great way to make everyone feel welcome, included, and safe.

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