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Students gear up to take 800 AP exams in the next two weeks.

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Students gear up to take 800 AP exams in the next two weeks.

Students Prep for 800 AP Exams; Teachers Offer Last Minute Advice

It's the rush to the finish line of this school year, but before the final bell sounds, students have 800 AP tests to take. Teachers and students offer last minute advice.

You have two days until your AP test, what is the best way to prepare?

That’s what’s on the minds of the 600 students who will be taking 800 AP tests in the next two weeks.

Aproximately 27 percent of the student body are involved in taking one or more AP exam. For them, it’s time to review and cram, so what’s the best way to go about earning your best AP score at this late date?

If you are feeling unsure about your ability to get a good grade on the tests, there are a number of things you can do to help you study.

Senior Noah Harkness has already taken and passed numerous AP tests and is prepared to take five more this year. His best advice is the take practice tests. “I use the information from practice tests to improve and student concepts I am weak on,” he said. “I hone in on that information to improve”

AP Language and Composition teacher Denise Ferguson tells students can check out the college board AP Videos on Youtube. “Eight new videos have been posted that cover all aspects of the AP Lang test for 2023,” she said.  “It’s a great way for students to review, cram, and remember everything they have learned all year.”

“Students can also get another teacher’s perspective on the topic as they review,” Ferguson said.

Another strategy for last minute studying can be the internet, college board and other websites where students can find practice tests that help them understand the concepts they learned during the year.

AP Chinese teacher Jessie Peng notes that she and her students have been working all year to prepare for their test. “We’ve been working hard all year for this test,” she said. “I encourage my students to go back and look at previous assignments from earlier in the year to help ‘warm up’ their brains and get them thinking before the test.”

It takes your mind two hours to wake up, so if your test is at 8 a.m., you need to awake by 6.

— Rique Ochoa

AP Government and AP US teacher Rique Ochoa encourages students to practice multiple choice questions. “One question can make the difference between a score of two and three or a three and four or even a four and five,” he said.

Ochoa also tells students to be awake two hours before the test. “It takes your mind two hours to wake up,” he said. “So if your test is at 8 a.m., you need to awake by 6.

There are about 25 AP tests happening at Alta in the next two weeks from May 1st to the 12th.

AP Testing Coordinator Jodene Jensen encourages test takers to get a good night’s sleep, eat before your test either breakfast or lunch depending on when the test is. “AP tests are long and mentally taxing,” Jensen said. “Make sure you feed your brain.”

Other advice includes knowing when and where your test is. “Do not show up late,” Jensen advises. “You will miss your test and have spent $100 for nothing.”

Most of this year’s tests will take place in room 1906, the counseling conference room, media center lab and field house turf or gallery.

Additionally, students need to make sure to bring several pencils with erasers. For the essay portions of the test, student must use black or blue ink. “Make sure you have a pen you love,” Ferguson said. “The writing portion of the AP Lang tests is two hours and 15 minutes,” she said. “You better be in love with your pen because you will bonded to it for well over two hours.”

Students can bring water and snacks for the break time.

Cell phones, bluetooth-enabled devices, MP3 players, computers or any other electronic or communication devices are forbidden. E-books, compasses, mechanical pencils, dictionaries, or high-lighters or watches that beep or have an alarm are prohibited.


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