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Senior Henry Stueber is off to the Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs at the end of June. Henry believes he has the passion and perseverance, the “grit” to reach is long term goals of becoming a pilot or developmental engineer.

Henry Stueber soars to the Air Force Academy

As an Alta Hawk, Henry Stueber is primed to “Soar” as he enters the Air Force Academy this summer.

With an admission rate of 12 percent, Stueber knows he fortunate to have a spot at the Academy. To what does he attribute his success? “My biggest strength is that I’m well rounded in numerous areas from band to science to track and field,” he said. “I plan on being part of the Bugle Core at the Academy.”

To even be considered, Stueber obtained a nomination from  U.S. Congressman John Curtis. After that he had lengthy interviews with the Academic Liason Officers.

However, Stueber credits his mother as his greatest influence in pursuing the nomination and following through with the interviews and all that was involved. “My mom grew up in Colorado [where the academy is] and she encouraged me every step of the way.”

Henry’s long term goals are to become an officer or pilot. “The academy is where I want to be,” Stueber said. “They require hard work and dedication of all recruits, and I’m willing to give my all.”

Band Teacher Caleb Shabestari knows about Henry’s dedication first hand. As this year’s band president Stueber’s dedication will leave a lasting legacy in this program that will be felt for years. “Henry is a model student through and through,” Shabestari said. “He solves problems before I even know about it.”

Henry is a model student through and through. He solves problems before I even know about it.

— Caleb Shabestari, Band Director

Henry is passionate about science and math courses and the Air Force academy will allow him to spread his wings and develop in areas he already loves. Henry has developed his interests by challenging himself with AP Physics, Calculus and CAD Architectural Design. Stueber outright admits that Math 1050 and 1060 “kicked his butt.”

“Those classes helped me realize the importance of staying with hard deadlines,” he said.

Henry wants to build a career in the aviation field.¬† “I learned a lot with machining and using fusion which can help with design for the Academy,” he said.

Stueber was part of the Robotics Team. He helped design the climbing mechanism of the 2021-2022 robot. “My CAD skills in Robotics helped significantly to prepare for a future with the Air Force.”

Henry’s end goal is to be a test pilot, but because the future of manned test pilots is up in the air right now, he’s also interested in becoming a developmental engineer where he can design the next generation of military air craft.

As for the demands of the academy, Stueber says he’s up to the challenge. “They are going to test me physically and mentally,” he said. “I’m ready for the challenge.”

Students Alix Aguilar and Emily Richards admire Henry’s passion in music and other areas. “He does it all and does it so well,” Richards said. “He puts 100 percent effort in everything he does.”

Obviously, to make it into the Air Force Academy, Stueber has to have the grades to make the cut. “He’s super smart, but not in a cocky way,” Aguilar said. “He’s also well liked among his peers. Henry’s genuinely a nice person.”



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