Students Work to Make In-Class Education Safe


Students social distance and wear masks to keep Alta safe as students came back for in-person classes this year.

Kate Oliver, Staff Writer

With COVID-19 creating different educational situations for everyone, many students have chosen various ways to make them feel safe and comfortable about their education this year. Whether that’s online, in person, or some of both, it comes down to individual preferences and needs.

This year, the main question was whether or not school would be safe, since the amount of new cases of coronavirus in Utah is still over 200 per day. Many teachers have been impressed that students are wearing their masks and doing their part to make sure the school environment is as safe as possible.

School administrators have been on top of it when it comes to keeping the students safe, by enforcing masks, providing cleaning supplies, and contact tracing. For the most part, students have been obeying the new regulations due to coronavirus.

“I have been thoroughly impressed with how respectful and diligent the student body has been about COVID 19 protocols,” said Assistant Principal Kelli Miller. “Moving forward, it will be important to stay diligent following these protocols and make good, safe choices during less structure time, like lunchtime.”

Senior Brock Jessop didn’t think it [school] was going to last very long, “but everyone seems to be following the rules. Everyone is wearing their masks, social distancing, and being responsible about quarantining themselves so that’s been really good.”

While some are comfortable with how school is, others enjoy the safety of online much better.

Some have even been healthier doing online school. Sophomore Madison Dobson, who does all online school, said, “I was kinda sad because I missed seeing my friends but I don’t want to get sick and the work [online] is easy so far.”

“I’ve definitely been getting more sleep with online school,” says sophomore Atheena O who has one class at school, with the rest online.

However, others have opposing opinions, and how school in person helps them succeed through more of the social aspect, as well as being pushed to complete assignments.

Zach Scheffner, Sophomore VP, says, “I’m so glad I was able to go back to school, so I can socialize with everyone… The social aspect of being there and learning with my friends is the best part.”

It’s difficult to imagine what the seniors went through last year, but this year’s seniors are looking forward to hopefully staying in school, and feeling very lucky that they get to have that option, while still being safe.

Senior Kenzie Stokes, who is taking all her classes at Alta, said, “I’m very happy with my decision. I think it’s beneficial for my understanding and grades because I can actually talk and work with teachers… I think the school is doing their best. I’m sure it has to be so hard for them, but I support what they do and I’m happy to be a part of it.”