Carly Torres

Ms. Marty helps students gain deeper understanding about the world around them.

Alta Welcomes New Teachers and Counselor

New Teachers Bring Experience and Education to Share with Students this Year.

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  • Ms. Bennion shares a presentation with one of her health classes.

  • Mrs. Stettler, a new counselor, brings loads of enthusiasm to her job.

  • Mrs. Jex loves literature and sharing that joy with her students.

  • Ms. Marty helps students gain deeper understanding about the world around them.

  • Mrs. Taylor loves helping students master photo design and editing skills.

  • Mrs. Witherspoon prepares lessons and online content for her students.

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Mrs. Jex – English

Mrs. Elizabeth Jex, a new English teacher, grew up in Irvine, California but currently lives in Draper. She graduated from Brigham Young University. She was a stay-at-home mom before running a preschool and teaching piano lessons; she has graduated to high school English. She has been married for nearly 20 years, and has four children. Mrs. Jex enjoys gardening and exercising and listening to a good audiobook or podcast . She enjoys teaching because it allows her to do good in the world; she enjoys helping her students strengthen their reading and writing skills. Her favorite teaching moment is watching her students light up when they connect literature and modern topics and have an “ah ha” moment. She said, “it’s a thrill to know I am helping them gain knowledge that will benefit them throughout their lives.”


Ms.  Marty – Science

Ms. Zoey Marty is a new teacher of Environmental and Earth Science. A graduate from Utah State, Ms. Marty is entering her first year of teaching. In Logan, she helped on a project to ban plastic bags which is now becoming a reality. Ms. Marty is originally from Draper and went to Corner Canyon. She also lived in New York and considers that home too. Her favorite movie is Nancy Drew and in her free time she enjoys teaching yoga, climbing outside, and buying plants. Ms. Marty also has a sister who graduated from Alta in 2019 and has a lovely cat named Macaroni. She says that if she could meet anyone from history she would want to meet Helen Keller. She hopes her students will remember how important their actions are to the future of the earth and that they are in charge, since they are the next generation.


Ms. McConkie – Social Science

Ms. Maddie McConkie is teaching Sports Psych, Philosophy, and Geography. She graduated from Dixie State University and grew up in Bountiful, Utah. At home, she enjoys playing with her two dogs, Nimbus and Oliver and watching TV mysteries. Her favorite show is NCIS.  Ms. McConkie’s favorite thing about teaching is that she has the chance to continue to learn and to share her love of learning with her students. She hopes one thing her students will always remember about her is that their well being is always her top priority. To her the biggest challenge teaching in “covid” times is the unpredictability of everything.


Mr. Farnworth – Social Studies

Mr. Andrew Farnworth is teaching Psychology, Sociology, and Geography this year. He grew up in Orem, Utah and graduated from Utah Valley University. Farnworth’s favorite thing about teaching is being able to interact with his students every day. His favorite teaching moment is being able to see his students grasp the concepts that he’s teaching. He hopes that his students will remember that they enjoyed and looked forward to coming to his class. His teaching goal for this year is to create lessons that will challenge his students and allow them to grow as people. Some fun things about Mr. Farnworth, is that he loves to travel and his favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. He would also like to meet Queen Victoria, because she was so selfless and cared for the people in her country.


Ms. Witherspoon – Social Studies

Ms. Amanda Witherspoon is a new Geography and World History teacher. She grew up in Orem, Utah and graduated from the University of Utah. She was a full time waitress before becoming a teacher. The thing she enjoys most about teaching is helping students recognize their strengths and empowering them to pursue their interests. Her teaching goals for this year are to create an educational experience that is authentic. She hopes that her students will remember that she inspired them somehow. Her favorite things to do in her free time are mountain biking and snowboarding, and her favorite TV show is “Game of Thrones.”


Ms. Bennion – Health and PE

Ms. Becca Bennion is teaching College and Career Readiness, Intro to Health Sciences, and PE this year. She grew up in Evanston, Wyoming and graduated from Weber State. Her favorite thing about teaching is being around young adults and watching them grow. She hopes to be remembered as genuinely caring teacher who wants to see her students succeed. Her teaching goals are to survive and be proficient in canvas to be able to more easily help students. Her favorite things to do in her free time are be with her son, bike, and run. Her favorite movies and TV shows are anything where the good guys get the bad guys.


Mrs. Taylor – CTE

Mrs. Hannah Taylor is teaching photography, graphic design, and digital media. She grew up in Draper, Utah and graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in photography. She is currently getting her masters at the University of Utah. Her favorite teaching moment is when the students are engaged and trying their best, and the most challenging thing for her about teching during covid is not being able to see everyones’ faces. Mrs. Taylor hopes that her students will remember that she cared about them and their success. Her teaching goals for this year are to stay healthy and safe, and successfully teach photography and graphic arts skills. Her favorite things to do in her free time are kayaking and hiking, and her favorite TV show is “Friends.”


Ms. Stettler – Counseling

Leslie Stettler is a new guidance counselor and is excited to start this year at Alta. She grew up in Taylorsville, Utah. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at Weber State Univerity and her Master’s degree at Utah State University. She hopes that she will be remembered by students for a time that she has helped them or made them smile. Stettler’s goal for this year is to be able to help and support students through this wild and crazy year. Some fun things to know about Mrs. Stettler is that one of her favorite things to do is paddleboarding, and her favorite TV show is “The Office.” If she could meet anyone from history it would be Alexander Hamilton, because she finally got to watch the musical, and she is now obsessed with it.







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