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Dr. Brian McGill speaks to the school board about Coronavirus issues at Alta.

Opinion: The Canyons School District School Board Fickle in Making Hard Decisions

Students, parents, and teachers have been confused with the student changes in schedule and tactics to combat covid spread. We have bounced between a fully online school, a hybrid schedule, and now to a four-day week. Most of the changes went into effect only after just being announced resulting in last-minute cancellations for vacations, changes in due dates for assignments, and students missing school because they have scheduled work.
The school board could have avoided these issues with foresight planning and consistency. Most of the changes went into effect only hours after the announcement. This forces everybody to rearrange their plans based on the previous dictates by the school board. The most recent example of this is the plan for the school on the hybrid schedule. This was changed back to the four-day schedule despite the promise that it would continue until the end of the quarter.
To rearrange schedules around the wind like whims of a few individuals who refuse to take responsibility and are separate from the interests of parents, students, and teachers is asinine. A far better alternative presents itself in the form of the school administration. They already make decisions for the school. They already stand on a foundation of trust with parents and teachers built over the years. They are the best situated to make decisions for the school and should not have to worry about the school board looking over their shoulder and undermining them.
While the school yearns for consistency, the ever-changing requirements require flexibility. The school administration is far better situated than the ever inconsistent school board to be making scheduling decisions.

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