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Set Schedules and Rewards are Keys to Avoiding Procrastinating School Assignments During Quarantine

With Alta students going in and out of quarantine and the recent hybrid schedule, it has been hard to complete assignments. Now, with normal homework on a day to day basis, most students can get these assignments done in the comfort of their rooms at home with relatively no distractions or difficulties.

With that luxury, it’s puzzling that grades have been dropping faster than ever. One reason for this sudden drop is the irrestible temptation to procrastinate school assignments. 

Counselor Jennifer Scheffner noticed many students found themselves operating in crisis mode at the end of first quarter because they had put off doing major school assignments until the very end. The inconsistency of schedules and a huge increase in online work played a factor.

“As first quarter ended, we saw more upset parents and crying students because it has been increasingly harder to feel motivated when things are not consistent all the time,” she said. “Hopefully, students won’t procrastinate as much this quarter now that they felt the consequences last quarter.”

According to roughly 86 percent of all high school students procrastinate on assignments. This number was pre-covid, so now with less of a structured week and more online assignments that need to be done, students need to make adjustments and put school at the top of their priority list before entertainment.

“Unfortunately, many students do just the opposite, Scheffner said.

Merrin Maughn and Audrey Wilson have both found that making lists with due dates are helpful. “To Do lists are incredibly helpful,” Maughn admits. “They help me organize my daily activities so I don’t get behind.”

Wilson added that she takes a break after one assignment and rewards herself. “It helps me stay on top of everything I need to get done,” she said. “You can even reward yourself with gummy bears after each assignment if you want.”

“You can even reward yourself with gummy bears after each assignment if you want.”

— Audrey Wilson

Both girls said it’s difficult, but worth it in the end. When students prioritize, they’ll feel better and more in charge of their learning.

When asked if she thinks procrastination has increased, Mrs. Scheffner answered with “Yes, I definitely do. A big reason why people procrastinate comes down to the inconsistency of schedules.” 

Scheffner’s advice is for students to overcome this procrastination slump. “Students need to stick to a schedule and just try to keep their lives as normal as possible even though things are different,” she said. “It’s still important to stick with those normal routines that will help students be successful.”

Another big help according to Medical Daily, is to “limit your activities and set schedules, aside from time limits and you can also follow a specific schedule for your daily activities.” The research suggested that tight deadlines could increase productivity because having less time encourages people to act faster.”

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