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Your Guide to Great Gifts this Holiday Season

Your Guide to Great Gifts this Holiday Season

Christmas is a time to give and receive gifts. There are differing opinions on whether receiving or giving gifts is more enjoyable.

Skyler Wandtke loves giving gifts, saying, “I love the feeling of giving to people and seeing their face when they open their present. I would much rather give presents than give.” Nick Bentley, however, disagrees. He said “I know that Christmas is the time of year for giving, but I love getting so many presents to add to my collection.

Teenagers can be difficult to shop for. Alta students were surveyed to see what they like to give and receive for Christmas. Many reported that they prefer to receive homemade gifts or gifts that show thought. “I love when my friends get me something that I mentioned I liked maybe one time,” Katie Maramuto explained, “It makes me feel so happy”.

Below is a list of popular gifts that students reported to like.



  1. Gift cards
  2. Clothes
  3. Candy
  4. Time
  5. Candles
  6. Gag gifts (funny/joke gifts)


  1. Money
  2. Junk food
  3. New phone
  4. Video games
  5. Nail Polish
  6. Rings
  7. Blankets
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It turns out that people like getting things that apply to their interests. As Tyler Henderson states, “I get totally different things every year because my likes change so much.” 

Jade Jensen says that, “I love everything about Star Wars so I love getting anything Star Wars related.” This goes to show that people like getting a variety of gifts that can be used in many different ways.

Most people just like to receive things that show you thought about them, not a general gift. It can be hard to know what somebody desires, but Christmas is more about showing you care than materialistic objects. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.


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