New Offices

Dylan Palmer

The new offices have now been made and almost fully done. The offices follow the school colors, and look really nice. As Brandee, a counselor says it, “I really love the windows, the view, and the natural light.”


Over Christmas break, the main office was moved from its original space to the new space. There is now built in furniture with black red and white. As Samm Mink says it, “The skylights are my favorite part of my new office because natural light looks better.”


Many people love the new offices, but some people have mixed feelings. As Jeri Rogers says it, “The new space is smaller but nicer, but there’s not a lot of storage space available. It’s not bad, just different.” 


Many counselors have described it as being in a fishbowl being surrounded by windows. The skylights are the most liked part of the new offices because they bring in natural light that is directed onto the desk. 


The counselors, vice principal, and principal all got new offices along with a few others. Although there might be less storage, the swap is well worth it.