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Funny Pick-Up Lines Lighten the Mood

Funny Pick-Up Lines Lighten the Mood

Do you ever wonder why over 65% of Alta’s students are “single”? Well wonder no more – during a brief interview, students were able to find all of their best pick up lines. While some are creative and clever, some are just straight up ridiculous. If you need something to slide into DMs, or maybe just want a laugh, look no further. From Lightning McQueen to Little Caesars and even raisins, here’s a wide variety of the best opening lines Alta’s students could come up with. 

“Are you Netflix, because I could watch you all day” This is an iffy situation to come to, but if you want to let your crush know that you stare at them nonstop, this is a good one to use. 

“Did you invent the airplane? Because you seem Wright for me.” If you see that your interest likes history, this could be a good line. It also helps if they’re interested in flight. 

“Did your license get suspended? Because you’re driving me crazy.” This one is great for a situation when there’s a crazy driver in your midst. 

“Can I follow where you’re going right now? Because my parents always told me to follow my dreams.” This one is very clever, and is a strong opening line. 

“Do you have a BandAid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.” What a clutz. 

“Are you Little Caesars? Because You’re hot and I’m ready.” Who doesn’t like pizza?

“Just because there’s a goalkeeper doesn’t mean you can’t score.” Cheater cheater, pumpkin eater, but hey- if that’s your thing, at least use a good line. 

“Was your dad a boxer because you’re a knockout.” If they don’t know anything about boxing, that might be awkward. 

“Do you need me to hold your hand? It looks heavy.” If they have small hands, it won’t make sense. 

“Someone call the cops because it’s illegal to look that good.” Getting in trouble isn’t always good, but this might come in handy when you’re attempting to impress someone who likes trouble. 

“Tie your shoes; we can’t have anyone else falling for you.” Is this how to get people? Maybe everyone should walk around with their shoes untied from now on if that’s the case. 

“How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. Hi my name is…” Science. 

“Are you lightning? Because you’re McQueen.” We love a good Pixar movie. 

“Are you a goldfish? Because you’re a snack that smiles back.” Honestly, goldfish slap. That’s facts. 

“Did the sun just come out? Or did you just smile?” This one is kind of good, not gonna lie. 

“Well, I’m here, what are your other 2 wishes?” They’re probably out of your league. 

“Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?” How sweet! But no one likes raisins so good luck. 

“Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got FINE written all over it.” A classic, but good for all the kids that park illegally and think they won’t get a ticket. 

“I wish I were cross eyed so I could see you twice.” Maybe you should get your eyes checked. 

“Are you a bank loan? Because you’ve got my interest.” Probably use this on the students that take extra business classes for fun. 

Overall, you can really pull the pieces on who and when you should be using these pick-up lines, whether you are trying to get a date, or silently flirt with someone, these are great conversation starters. It’s all up to you, so have fun, but not too much fun 😉


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