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Students pause for the announcment of the prom royalty at the 2016 Prom held at the University of Utah Stadium. This year’s prom will have a much different look. Students will be required to space out during the dance to comply with state Covid-19 protocols.

Junior Prom Scheduled for March 27th

Alta High School will be holding Prom this year in the Commons March 27; this year’s theme is “It’s Been a Long Long Time.”

Through all of the difficulties and cancellations caused by the pandemic, students are ecstatic to finally have a school dance, especially prom, again. To many students, the idea of having this dance gives a sense of normalcy, or a light to an end of this dark, coronavirus-ridden tunnel.

There are a few “Covid” rules to follow to make it happen. To comply with state Covid restrictions, students will need to pass a covid test to stay and also comply with social distancing guidelines.

According to Principal Brian McGill, this year’s prom will look different than in past years. Students will need to be spaced out to comply with social distance rules and contact tracing protocols.

“I’m totally in favor of the dance, but it has to be done right,” McGill said. “Students will be assigned to location pods the night of the dance. We need to know student locations for the night to effectively contact trace in case someone tests positive for Covid-19.”

In spite of the new covid rules and hassles Junior Class President Autumn Engstrom is thrilled the Juniors can host this prom. “I’m excited for students to finally have an activity that offers a feeling normalcy.”

The dance’s theme reflects the idea that it has been a long time since students have been able to attend a school dance. Just a year ago, Covid brought normal school activities to a halt and sent the entire school community into a “quarantine” and a shift to online learning. A year later, students can truly say, “It has been a long long time.” There are lots of activities just starting up again, and Prom is one of them. 

In order to get into the dance, all students must test negative for Coronavirus. The tests will take place in the commons and they will be conducted in a similar manner to the test-to-stay program in January. All students who wish to attend the dance will be required to take a COVID rapid test. 

Tickets will be on sale on Alta High School’s website. Students may only purchase one ticket, so they cannot buy one for themselves and their date at one time. Juniors and seniors will be given priority for this dance, then the sales will open up to the freshman and sophomores. Cost of tickets is yet to be determined.

Tyler Anderson is not fond of the one-ticket rule. “There is no guarantee that both you and your date will get a ticket,” he said. “If they sell fast and you can only buy one at a time, they may be sold out by the time you go to buy a second.”

This year has not been easy on students as school has been all work and no play. With the fear of getting COVID-19 or of spreading it, the school has limited all of its afterschool activities and has temporarily stopped hosting dances in fear of becoming a coronavirus dispersal ground. This dance feels a bit like a ray of sunshine at the end of the storm.

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