Learning to Drive

Dylan Palmer

Is it worth it to take drivers education at Alta or at a private driving school? There are many pros and cons to both, and it’s time to weigh them out to see which one is worth it. 


The A1 driving school can cost anywhere from $300-$3,000. This is much more expensive than if you took drivers ed at your school. Along with the cost you’ll have to spend out of school time to go learn and drive. 


When in drivers ed at your school, there is a class fee of around $100. This is much cheaper than the driving school. You sign up and drive before or after school, which saves time. As Skyler Wandtke, someone who has attended both driving school and drivers ed says, “I have been to both drivers ed and a driving school, and I like drivers ed better. You have to pay more money for the same experience at the driving school.”


The reviews on the driving school is much better than drivers ed however. People often point out that the driving instructors at the driving school are more professional and easier to work with than the drivers ed instructors. As Nick Bentley, someone part of the driving school said, “I attended drivers ed, but it didn’t work out for me. I ended up going to a driving school, and my experience was a whole lot more graceful than drivers ed. I highly recommend attending a driving school instead of drivers ed.”


As Nezbit, a driving instructor states, “The flexibility is why they choose private schools, they can pretty much dictate when they drive and take the class information when they want. SOme parents don’t like to fill a school schedule with a quarter of drivers’ education and want the flexibility for other classes. But it is about 4 times as much cost and sometimes higher depending on the independent driving company they use, ranging from $400-$700. School costs are around $125 I believe.


Driving can be scary, and attending drivers ed or a driving school will make you nervous, but it is overall worth it to get your driver’s license. It is up to you to choose how you get it.