Foods and Nutrition Class

Foods and nutrition one is a class where you take notes about different foods, food safety, health and nutrition. You also get to cook and eat a variety of foods with your classmates. 


Some examples of foods you cook in this class include pancakes, waffles, monkey bread, rice, pastas, rice krispies, cookies, and many others. You learn how to work different kitchen appliances along with the names of them. You get to learn about washing your hands, sanitization and cleaning.


` Some students like foods because they get to learn about health, nutrition, and cooking foods. As Maria Garcia says, “I love foods because you get to learn about different foods, cooking and kitchen safety. These skills will be very helpful later in life.”


Some students like the foods class because they are just hungry. As Dustin Jensen says, “I never wake up early enough in order to eat breakfast, which is why I have foods in the morning so I can eat then.”


Either way, you learn about nutrition and health, cooking, and kitchen safety. These skills are very helpful and will be used and are being used right now.