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Counselor Cierra Johnson and senior Danica Benjamin review and access graduation requirements for end the end of year celebration.

Seniors Must Prepare Now for Graduation; Don’t Put it Off!

Graduation is around the corner and will be here in the blink of an eye.

Preparing for graduation is important, and Alta has many helps along the way to make the celebratory event happen at the end of this school year.

The most important thing to remember is that seniors need to be proactive in making sure they fulfill all graduation requirements so they aren’t caught scrambling at the last minute when it comes to graduation. Counselor Christine Astle says the most important thing seniors can do it to “keep attending” so they don’t end up with failing grades that cause loss of credit and prevent graduation. It’s easy to be distracted by good weather, especially after a nice spring break, but that’s the time to stay the course and cross the finish line, Astle said. 

The most important thing seniors can do it to keep attending so they don’t end up with failing grades that cause loss of credit and prevent graduation.

— Christine Astle, Counselor

Mrs. Scheffner admonishes seniors to not hesitate to talk to their counselors. “It’s a must if you have concerns or questions,” she said. “From there, we can discuss graduation and college issues. Don’t put it off.”

In spite of this abnormal Covid year, the path to graduation remains, but they still have to finish out their high school careers.

Navigating the pandemic hasn’t necessarily hurt seniors, if anything, it strengthened them. Business teacher David Smith believes seniors are doing great!

“They’re learning life skills in this pandemic and they’re learning how to effectively manage time,” Smith said. “It’s a different environment, but they’re adapting to the change.” 

The class of 2021 has been forced to look at things differently in order to get through this year. They had to switch to a more optimistic mindset, looking at their futures more than their past. Thanks to this, they were able to grow and achieve so much during this school year.

Smith said that one of the other things seniors have developed this year is better communication skills and proper use of their resources. The school has provided materials and information for graduation preparation including the school website. The website includes announcements about graduation and also has information on scholarship opportunities and how to get scholarships.

Teachers are another great asset and are also there to support and give guidance to the seniors. “Seniors need to make sure they have met all their requirements,” said Janna Spears, National Honor Society advisor. “They also need to learn how to write, read, speak academically and they also need to have a plan for their future.”

Graduation requirements, grades, and such are all on Skyward. Math teacher Joseph Schino notes that seniors can just login and look at that wherever they are. If there’s any confusion, they should just email their counselor. The school also provides and correlates updates, along with checking graduation requirements.” 

There are a great deal of ways for students to be guided for growth and success. The school is pushing them to learn and stay optimistic. Class of 2021 is six weeks away from graduation, and only one more quarter to be finished until graduation. Now is the time to put  your foot to the gas and complete all that is required for graduation.

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