Lacrosse Kick Off and Soars at New Heights!


In its second year as a Utah High School Athletics sanctioned sport, Lacrosse frenzy is high at Alta this year.

Tyler Anderson and Emma Stapley, Hawkeye Writers

It’s time to suit up, grab a stick, and go for a goal! Lacrosse season is in full swing. As the newly sanctioned sport takes on its second year, Alta’s lacrosse teams have launched into the season with strength and pride.

The girls’ team is going above and beyond by blowing their competitors out of the water, and while the boys’ team has had a rough start they show a lot of growth potential for not only the future of this season but the future of the program.

The boys’ team has played a total of five games with a record of 2-3. The girls’ team has played a total of seven games with a record of 5-2. After disappointments last year, our male and female teams show strong progress. All their hard work and practice seem to be paying off in the Spring season.

The boys’ team has grown very close, especially because of the seniors, who have been playing all their high school career. Senior Student Body Officer and lacrosse player Bode Rockwood’s favorite thing is that “the boys” have grown close together as a team. This year, they beat teams that have kicked their butts in seasons past. Ryan Harris, a senior, loves being able to play alongside his friends; thinks that it’s fun to be “close and winning at the same time.”

For Alta’s girls’ lacrosse team, it’s a similar story. Junior Autumn Engstrom. She recognizes that they’ve grown so much as individuals and are now coming together as a team. For Autumn, the best part of lacrosse is “to be together with your best friends every day after school.” It’s been special for the rest of the team to share this experience with the 9 seniors on the team. The players, seniors especially, have “gained a greater appreciation for lacrosse this year,” according to Gabby Tillotson.

Alta’s girls and boys lacrosse teams are grateful for the opportunity to play and are making the most of it! With many talented and dedicated individuals, not only currently on the team; but many joining this year, our lacrosse team is ready to crush the competition and soar to new heights as Hawks!