Latinos in Action

The Latinos in Action, (LIA) is hosting a fundraiser for all of our advisory classes. The class with the most raised will get prizes. This will take place between April 12th – April 29th during lunch.

This fundraiser, as Ms. Johnson said, “The purpose of this fundraiser is to give students a chance to give back to the community and donate sanitary items (women’s washable fabric masks, washcloths, bar soap, hair elastics, etc.) to make care packages for refugees.” 

Students like to donate to this fundraiser because it helps others in need more than themselves. Oftentimes, when people give to others, they feel better about themselves and their actions. 

As one student, Johannes Johnson says it, “I’m donating because I feel like I have a pretty good life, so I can sacrifice something of mine in order to help someone else in need.” 

So next lunch you have, go donate to the Latinos in action club to give to people in need. If your advisory class donates the most, you’ll get a prize!