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Hope Squad Recruitment Underway

Hope Squad looking to recruit members at the beginning of the school year.

Welcome back hawks!

As students roll in, many clubs are having their opening meetings and recruiting new members. If you are looking for a new club to join, you may love  Hope Squad!

Hope Squad is a group of students who plan activities and events for the school that are meant to uplift students and brighten their day. They are also meant to act as a support system that students can go to if they are struggling with mental health.

There are two sections in Hope Squad: the leadership and the after school group. The leadership meets daily as an advisory class to come up with ideas and gain approval for them. The after school group meets with the leadership once every month to help plan, organize, and set up activities. Both groups are recruiting at this time.

To apply, use your phone to scan Hope Squad posters that are placed around the school and in most advisory classrooms. It will bring up a Google form that you will fill out and submit to apply. There are two separate forms, one to apply to the leadership and one to apply to the after school group. You can apply to both or just one.

If you can’t find any posters to scan, then during advisory head to the Hope Squad advisory room 2319 and speak to Ms. Deveny or Ms. Kershaw about joining. Hope Squad wants you, so apply now!

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