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Spongebog and his friends will come to life in this years school musical.

Spongebog and his friends will come to life in this year’s school musical.

Spongebob, the Musical will Take to the Stage this November

Casting and rehearsals for the musical are underway; students will present Spongebob, the Musical this November.

The Alta High Theater Department is excited to present this year’s musical: Spongebob the Musical!

The theater students are excited about this musical. “We get to be with our theater family and you get to spend time with them,” said participant Ella Gardner.

“Theater is home and our life,” said Abby Baxter, “I have been looking forward to it for a long time.”

It looks like the Spongebob play will be a HUGE success. Ms. Struiksma said, “I think the show is popular and that it will draw people in to come to the show… the music is really fun and everyone will enjoy it, even if you are not the biggest Spongebob fan!”

Everyone will enjoy it, even if you are or are not the biggest Spongebob fan.

— Ms. Struiksma

Band and Orchestra teacher Caleb Shabestari as well an the students are excited to participate as well. This year, the music will be live and performed by students. “We get to use the ‘pit,’ Shabestari said. “We’re excited to learn the music and participate fully this year. It’s such fun music and one of my favorite musicals.”

The Musical will be playing for five days, November 16-20 with an additional matinee performance on Saturday.

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