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Sarah Hamilton

Tired and cold, Gandalf hugs band director Caleb Shabestari after his fortunate rescue during marching band practice.

Color Guard Saves Kitten From Tree

Lost kitten finds help from the Marching Band's Color Guard

Its a bird… It’s a plane… No, It’s actually superman band director Caleb Shabestari to the rescue!

The rescue began last week when ten week old Gandalf, a grey kitten, accidentally hopped a ride with his owner 9th grade student Anthony Myrick. Gandalf apparently hopped out of the truck and was wandering the school grounds for some time.

After school, the color guard was rehearsing on the west side of the faculty parking lot and heard a kitten mewing from the top branches of a maple tree.

Mr. Shabestari bravely climbed the tree in an attempt to get the kitten down, but the kitten had other plans. Witnesses observed the kitten stubbornly clutching the tree, desperately holding on for dear life.

That’s when Mr. Shabestari sprang into action, climbed the tree and prodded the kitten to fall into a color guard parachute below.

“I took a good thirty minutes to get it down,” Shabestari said. “Luckily we got it down before the big storm hit.”

Next to being a band director, my favorite activity is rescuing small animals from trees.

The kitten’s owner, freshman band member Anthony Myrick was happy to get Gandalf back. “I am surprised we found him,” Myrick said. “He’s so small and I’m glad to have our pet back. ”



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