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Tik Tok’s Newest Challenge Sees Less Action

Tik Toks challenges have impacted not only the students but staff members as well.

September’s TikTok challenge to steal something from bathrooms didn’t end so well for some students. Some now have a criminal record and will pay the consequences for years to come.

September’s challenge was just the beginning, October’s challenge is to slap a teacher, and so far students who were okay stealing are not okay slapping. Alta teachers state that if they are slapped, they aren’t afraid to press charges.

So, are “Devious Licks” now a thing of the past?

“I don’t understand why people want to record themselves doing something wrong,” stated English teacher Katie Wilkinson, “The district has put a lot of effort into this new building and students shouldn’t get a laugh out of destruction.”

“You only go to high school once so cherish it.”

— Officer Brandon Colton

Student resource officer Brandon Colton said he hasn’t been affected by these challenges. “But harassing a school teacher or police officer can cause even more criminal charges,” he said.

People have been trying to get TikTok-famous for a long time, and when they see a new trend, some students try to hop on board with it, hoping that they will get instant fame.

Counselor Sandy White has noticed that students seem to be behind socially because of the Covid year. “I think that students should have more conversations with their parents about social media,” White said.  “The number of ‘likes’ will not always put you in a good spot.”

When people are behind socially, they tend to act a little less mature than what is socially accepted. Teachers and parents have also noticed this trend.

“The trend started off with a guy stealing a box of masks,” stated student Ainsley Cardall, “Then it slowly escalated into breaking mirrors and stealing things that can cost from small amounts to large.”

Officer Colton reminds students that when it all comes down to it, people should stop and think of all of the consequences before they act impulsively. One post on social media can alter students whole high school career and even the future.

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