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Canyon’s District Announces Six Virtual Fridays

The debate among the peers at school about the announcement of six Friday's off.

Canyons School District announced that schools will have six Fridays off for the year.  This announcement came on October 20th, 2021, with the first Friday off occurring on November 5th. The District explained that these Fridays are for students to get caught up on work and to get extra help if needed. Students are also allowed to come in and ask for help from their teachers on these “flex” days.

Mr. Bailey, the Vice Principal stated, “If used properly, it can really help students that can come in and get one on one help.”

Students have been debating how useful these Fridays truly are. Teachers and staff will still be expected to come in and do their work while students spend their Friday at home. Chloe Roman feels that the days are very randomly placed and may not serve many purposes.

“The specific learning that occurs on Fridays should be designed to support the learning intentions and success criteria of the current week or the following week.”

— Dr. Brian Mcgill

“I think it’s interesting the way they worded the email I heard that it’s once every month…” Stated Cooper Nickool, “I know that students will probably spend the majority of the time on Fridays with their friends, instead of working.”

Many believe that having a Friday off will be extremely useful towards their mental health and it will give teachers more time to grade assignments. Teachers are still allowed to assign work on Fridays, and students are also allowed to come in for one-on-one work sessions.

“Teachers are available for two hours on Fridays to work with students and parents,” Stated Principle Dr. Brian Mcgill, “Friday hours are not intended to be used for athletic or performing arts practices.”

Students and teachers are both expected to do their work on each virtual Friday. It is expected that these days are used responsibly.

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