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Construction workers continue to make the cafeteria functioning. If all goes as planned, it will be ready by the first of the year.

Kitchen Renovation Due for Completion by the First of 2022

Alta’s kitchen staff has had to adapt greatly this school year due to the construction of the kitchen and cafeteria. Without a kitchen to cook hot food, staff has been serving students premade food for breakfast and lunch. This includes muffins, cold cereal, bagels, etc. for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. Cold options limit food choice.

Before the construction, lunches were a lot bigger and a lot more filling.

— Alexis Steed

Following Thanksgiving break, construction on the serving area should be complete, giving the staff opportunity to no longer serve the sandwiches and breakfast from carts in the commons. Serving in the commons is a huge inconvenience to servers and students, causing traffic jams and confusion in the halls. Though the kitchen itself will not be finished until the beginning of 2022, this is an improvement!

Students have expressed their frustration with the situation, but are thankful to be receiving school lunches at all.

Sophomore Vincent Turcotte says “the current school lunches are okay, but they’re lacking variety. Warm lunches bring more options.”

“Before the construction, lunches were a lot bigger and a lot more filling.” Junior Alexis Steed added, reflecting on her sophomore year at Alta.

Students can look forward to hot school meals after Christmas break, assuming the construction won’t be postponed again. Fingers crossed!

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