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Student Jack Ward listening to music with his Airpods.

Should phones be banned in school?

Teacher and student opinion on phone usage in classrooms.

Is a Phone a Tool or a Toy?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about whether to ban phones from schools. This would be an overstep for schools to take, there are other ways to address the problem and it is not needed plain and simple.

Some teachers require for phones to be put away into a YONDR pouch before class starts. This makes it impossible for students to use their phones during class, limiting the amount.

Others prefer to let their students have their phones during the whole class period. Giving them freedom and making it the students choice if they want to participate or not, since they are not participating during class they would get absent points for not doing the tasks during class. 

Giving students access to their phones is important because if there’s an emergency they should be able to contact their families to communicate. They can also use it for learning purposes or listening to music to help them focus in class. 

Student Tessa Haselton said, “Phones shouldn’t be banned in schools because it gives us rewards and it lets us take a break from school and we definitely need it.” 

Student Isabelle Dean said, “I like to listen to music in class because it helps me focus and stay on task.”

Teacher Mr. Packer said, ” This year is the worst because of the pandemic, they are having a hard time paying attention and instead listen to their music on airpods.” He followed up by saying, ” They do have a purpose, but this generation is having a hard time being able to find that purpose.” 

Teacher Ms. Siler said, “Classes with my underclassmen have been a really big issue, students in the past year have been able to have their phones readily available and phone usage has increased dramatically.” Students are losing respect for their teachers when they are giving lessons by going on their phones and not paying attention. “ Some of my students don’t always have their chromebook and it’s helpful when they have their phone to do their work on Canvas.”

Teacher Mr. Conner said, “ In my class students use their phones to film videos and without them it would make this class harder to teach. There is a right and wrong time to use phones and they should only use them when they are given permission.”

Teacher Mr. Farnworth said, “ I don’t think phones should be banned because students should be able to access them just in case an emergency comes up. There should be rules and when it is okay to be on them.” Having them completely banned seems like an overstep but enforcing more viable regulations should be enforced.


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