Getting Along with those We Love the Most

Getting Along with those We Love the Most

Tyler and Grace Anderson, Staff Writers

During this world wide pandemic of the COVID-19 we have been asked to stay in our homes and only leave when it is absolutely necessary. We have been stuck with the same people for almost two months now, so how is everyone staying sane?

Almost anyone you  ask will tell you that they have annoying siblings that get on their nerves, and now that sibling is all they can talk to. How are people constantly avoiding the urge to kill their siblings every day?

Could you imagine a world infested by disease and we have to hide away for a long period of time, oh right that’s 2020 in a nutshell! Many of us have annoying little parasites called siblings. We, Tyler and Grace, are siblings and have felt your pain and wish that this was over already. Spending all day the same people is tough and can lead to problems.

Obviously one way that we can avoid killing our annoying siblings is to avoid them at all costs. Lock yourself in your room with your phone and food and you should be fine, but this should be used as a last resort. Prior to this we could go with the more common option, and find something we all like to do. We can invent a game, like playing soccer on the trampoline, or have a game tournament.

Hailey Jones said, “We are doing a lot of hiking and walking and playing at the park.”

You could actually do your school work, like we are supposed to be doing. But most of all, you could just get over it and live peacefully with your siblings, doing what everyone wants to be doing. But still keep in mind that your siblings have feelings too.

“I stay away from them a lot,” said Lilly Anderson “I do stuff in my room or outside when they annoy me.”

We all have felt the pain of some annoying family member and it is good to remember to be tolerant of them and their feelings; let’s do our best to get along during this long, sorry very long quarantine.