Students Elect Nine SBO Officers to Lead the Way

Toa Finau, Staff Writer

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  • Dallen Jeppson

  • Brenton Valentine

  • Joseph Butler

  • Layla Mackey

  • Bode Rockwood

  • Jorja Smith

  • Marshall Young

  • Sadler Jones

  • Dawson Lewis

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Students elected nine new Student Body officers the first part of April through online voting.

When school shutdown March 13th, it created many issues with school routines, but none more pressing that the Student Body Officer elections that normally take place the end of March. The Corona Virus has done lots of damage, but it didn’t take out the elections.

School closure meant candidates couldn’t interact face to face to campaign and encourage voting. However, online campaigning and voting brought it all to a normal end. Students elected Dallen Jeppson Student Body President with Brenton Valentine as Vice-President, and Joseph Butler as Secretary. Layla Mackey is this year’s new Historian, Bode Rockwood is the Attorney General, Jorja Smith is the new Financial Chair, Marshall Young, the Public Relations Officer, Sadler Jones, the new Chief of Activities, and Dawson Lewis, the new Audio/Visual officer.

When the election came around, all campaigners were ready to give the underclassmen all they could to make next year of school even better than the last. Online school and social distancing made campaigning a unique challenge to how they ran for office. They relied heavily upon social media to get the word to underclassmen that they were running for office.

New VP Brenton Valentine said elections were different this year and he missed the normal routine of posters and one on one campaigning. Because he couldn’t campaign in the traditional sense, he posted on instagram to get out the vote.

The new officers are now meeting in Group FaceTimes chats to plan next year and come up with common goals. Bringing the school closer together is at the top of their list.

New SBO President Dallen Jeppson has the goal to help students enjoy their high school experience and feel part of the greater Alta community. He is looking forward to “meeting new friends and working alongside my new SBO friends and have another dope year at Alta High.”

It’s no secret that school construction has definitely had an impact on student unity. The commons area is now a construction zone and with the main gathering place not available, it’s a challenge. However, the officers vow to do their best to make assemblies and other activities as inviting as possible.

With the pandemic wreaking havoc on the school and student body, students miss their interactions with friends and teachers. Social distancing and rules about large gatherings have made students realize that some students do not have the opportunity to have contact with friends which has spiked an interest in student government and maintaining connections with others. For now, officers have a lot to do to prepare for next school year.

In the end, the new officers hope to make Alta a safe and welcoming place for all students.