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With Covid Still Raging, Grades are plummiting in schools.

Students and teachers have different opinions on how Covid is affecting students’ grades, habits, and mental health. But no doubt Covid has affected Students in different ways, creating different problems. 

“As grades are decreasing Anxiety is increasing, leading to more students failing.” Mrs. Sheffner, a counselor here at Atla, explained her point of view on the matter.

“The more you work the better you’ll be,” Maya Matthews, a junior at Alta says, expressing her own feelings on the flip side. She feels like she has taken this whole Covid problem very well. School hasn’t become harder for her.

Some students struggle with creating habits like becoming lazier, not being as social, not respecting teachers or peers,  and not doing the work overall.

Mrs. Scheffner also explained a big problem that has arose, “Students are blaming teachers about school work and not taking accountability”.

Now what about online? Students feel that online is better for them because they get work done, while teachers and counselors feel that students are just taking the “easy way” out of it even when they know students learn more when at school.

“For social reasons I like in person school, but for like actual classes online, because it’s easier.” Rylie Webb said.

School schedules constantly are changing is also making it hard on students to find a stable schedule to live off of, the lack of consistancy has become confusing and difficult to work with.

Mrs. Jex, a teacher at our school, Is finding ways to help students through these hard times, “walking them through it, but slowly letting go of their hand,” as she put it.

“My job is becoming busier in a way. I am worried for kids because they are struggling with mental health problems,” Mrs. Scheffner also said.

With all the changes and covid happening mental health hasn’t been anyone’s friend. Researchers say “The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to students, educators, and parents. Children already coping with mental health conditions have been especially vulnerable to the changes, and now we are learning about the broad impacts on students as a result of schools being closed, physically distancing guidelines and isolation, and other unexpected changes to their lives.”


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