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Calleigh Crowley channels her creative genius during class. Her art work, along with that of Catherine Debry and Madison Lowenberg, were accepted into this year’s High School Art Show at the Springville Museum of Art.

Student Artists Accepted to Springville High School Artists Show

Calleigh Crowley, Catherine Debry and Madison Lowenberg's work are on display through March 24th at the Springville Museum of Art for this year's High School Art Show.

Three students’ art works were accepted into the Utah High School Art show at the Springville Museum of Art and are now on display until March 24th.

Out of the 1000 works that were submitted for this show, Calleigh Crowley,  Madison Lowenberg, and Catherine DeBry’s were among the 325 works selected.

AP Art teacher Denise Crane said just getting into the show is “highly competitive” and no small feat. “16 Alta students entered the competition and three were accepted,” she said.

Being accepted into the Springville Show is highly competitive. It’s no small feat for Alta artists.

— Denise Crane, Art Teacher

With such high competition, the competitors must be at the top of their game. Calleigh Crowley recalled the time and effort she had to put into her piece. Her art piece was her “best and most detailed painting” and took her over 45 hours to complete.

Calleigh Crowley’s art work, a self portrait, is inspired by nature.


Crowley said the nature and scenery around Utah also helped inspire her artwork. Her piece featured a boot with greenery growing out of it.

Catherine DeBry’s piece centers on the theme of death and grief. “It’s inspired by how when we die, we return the earth and become food for bugs, fungi, and birds,” she said.

Speaking of Catherine’s piece, Mrs. Crane noted that her AP portfolio is a response to different aspects of death in a beautiful way. “The theme sounds grim,” Crane said, “but her work is amazingly beautiful.”

Debry said she’s motivated to improve and study the art of others to help her improve her technique and synthesis of ideas. “I find inspiration from other artists and nature,” she said. “I’m really inspired by new cultures and ideologies and trying to understand them through art.”

Catherine Debry’s work centers on grief, death, and nature.


Madison Lowenberg, on the other hand, has found art to be an escape from darker times. Her work, a necklace in the shape of a semicolon, is symbolic of hard times in her life. “The semicolon represents that your story is not over yet; it’s only just beginning. The semicolon is also a symbol of suicide awareness,” she said.

Madison Lowenberg’s piece is in the shape of a semi-colon and represents a pause and is symbolic that life continues in spite of hard times.

These works are on display now through March 25 at the Springville Museum of Art.


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