Is Morbius a watch?

Is Morbius a watch?

Ayden Yount, Staff Writer

Morbius is the newest upcoming Marvel movie starring Jared Leto.

Leto has starred in movies such as Suicide Squad, Blade Runner 2043, and more. He is an amazing actor so it will be interesting to see him star as Morbius.

Michael Keaton is also in this movie. He has starred in movies such as: Spiderman Homecoming, RoboCop, and more. We are not sure what his characters name is but hopefully he will make the movie even better.

In Morbius we see a biochemist (Michael Morbius) who tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but when his experiment goes wrong, he accidentally  infects himself with a form of vampirism instead turning him into a dangerous, evil, antihero.

Morbius had never had his own comic book or movie but he originally came from a Spider-man comic from 1992. But now is starring in his own movie.

 Critics seem to be completely against the movie. This is what they have to say.

 Critic reviews:

 “Morbius is a perfunctory, sloppy, paint-by-numbers attempt to remind audiences that Sony has the rights to these Spider-Man villains and by golly they’re going to use them,” Kyle Anderson wrote in his review of the film for Nerdist.

 “Morbius has a sense of place — and an interest in interesting places — that distinguishes it from the gleaming, anonymous Atlanta pop of so many other superhero films,” Richard Lawson wrote for Vanity Fair.

 “Perhaps, the speedy pacing is to make up for the lack of verve of the cast, many of whom speak in a tired tone as if they’d been dragged out of bed right before shooting — or maybe the hope is that if the plot moves fast enough, you won’t have time to notice how achingly predictable every beat is, and how two-dimensional every character is,” writes Kristy Puchko in her review of the film for Mashable.

 Although critics seem to be against the movie, the audience seems to think differently. Stating:

 “This movie was really good so DON’T listen to the critics because they are all wrong. This movie has lots of action and suspense and thrills so I mean come on what’s not to like.”

 “When you think of absolute pure cinema, many would think of The Empire Strikes Back, The Godfather or The Fellowship of the Ring. But Morbius absolutely outclasses any of those three movies in every category possible.”

 Clearly the audience absolutely loves Morbius. So maybe the critics are being too harsh? Maybe it’s just marvel fans who love it. Either way I would recommend watching it to find out for yourself.