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Alex Berry

Jackie Aleman, Ava Semchuck, Ellie Klingmann, and Natalie Metcalf lounge on the new furniture off the commons.

The New Furniture in Commons Brings Mixed Views

Students have divided opinions about the new furniture in the Commons.

Every student has noticed the new couches and tables that have been placed outside the front offices during Spring Break. Nobody seems to know where they came from, but many students appreciate the new seating. However, some faculty members have concerns.

Many students are thrilled about the new seating. On the first day back, the couches were already filled with excited students. One remarked, “These are kind of fun. I like them.”

Assistant Principal Melissa Sirin loves the new furniture. “It definitely gives students the vibe of being in college and encourages a sense of community and conversation,” she said. “Part of our mission as a school is to support students to be college and career ready, and this furniture helps students engage in meaningful conversation and friendships.”

Having a comfortable gathering place is a definite plus to the building, but some wonder if students have the maturity to respect and take care of it so it last for many years to come.

It seems that the majority of the reactions from students are positive, however, some have concerns about how the seating will be cared for. Some people think that the seating will be abused or stolen by students.

Hall monitor Stephanie Christensen, said there’s way too much furniture. “It looks really nice, but it just gave us all ten times more work,” she said. “We have only two custodians and they are so overworked now. We have to figure out who needs to clean that area throughout the day.

Christensen wonders if the people who put the furniture here thought about the extra work the staff would have. 

The staff’s worries are already being realized as students become more disruptive with the new furniture. The wheelie chairs have already been removed by teachers because many students rolled them across the hallway.

Still, others are frustrated about the money the furniture cost and how it could have been put to better use. “What a waste of money,” a student said. “The money could have gone to the kitchen to get ovens for hot food.” 

The new furniture has come with many benefits and a few drawbacks. It does make the school atmosphere more comfortable, but it has brought with it more disruption and more work to keep the area clean. In time students and staff will become more accustomed to the new look and the comfort the seating provides. 


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