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The Sanderson Sisters make another appearance in Hocos Pocus 2.

Movie Review: Hocus Pocus 2

October 13, 2022

Disney’s new Hocus Pocus 2, released September 30th, 2022. The surprisingly long awaited sequel to the original Hocus Pocus written be Jen De’Angelo is finally out.

No one was quite expecting a follow up movie after the first movie ended with a satisfying end and the villains (The Sanderson Sister Trio) dead. Apparently the century old sisters return again to take revenge on Salem, and the descendants of the pilgrimage people who originally banished them.

The main antagonists of this film, friends Izzy and Becca obtain a black flame candle from the witch shop owner Gilbert. After performing their yearly birthday ritual for Becca, without their friend Cassie (who has made other friends), the black flame candle like in the previous movie, resurrects the dead witches and bring them back to life to perform “The Witches Are Back” a callback to a Elton John song.

The Movie was a hit, with lots of humor and great music along with a sentimental message throughout.

— Nate Coleman, Reviewer

After Becca and Izzy desperately try to escape the witches by continuous tricks that the sisters fall for, the witches get fed up and decide to perform a spell to make them all powerful. Sending Gilbert to collect the ingredients which include the head of Winnie’s ‘lover’ Billy Butcherson, and the blood of their enemy, which just so happens to fall into Cassie’s Blood line. The witches while getting their ingrediants sing another song, a rendition of “one way or another” The witches complete their curse but don’t read the consequences which takes what they most love.

For Winnie, it’s her fellow sisters. Winnie begs Becca, who has realized she is a witch, to take her to her sisters. Becca obliges and her, Izzy, and Cassie make up. All is set right and all is returned to how it once was. The hidden extra credit scene however includes, Cobweb, Gilberts black cat jumping over a box labeled “BF CANDLE 2” referring to a second black flame candle.

The movie was definitely a sequel and most people are half and half on whether liking it or not. I personally think the Movie was a hit, with lots of humor and great music along with a sentimental message throughout. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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