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Snapchat Comes in as Favorite Social Media Platform


Alta High students use social media daily, but what platform is their favorite? In order to answer this question, 374 students were surveyed during second lunch. The options of Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter were given to the subjects of the survey.

Twenty-eight percent of students said that they preferred Snapchat over Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  Snapchat is a platform where you are able to send ten second videos and pictures to each other while adding text. Many use it as an alternative to texting. You are also able to post on your story and create private stories for only a few people. There is a chat option as well. A map in which you can see where your friends are is features on the app, as well. Students unanimously agreed that “communicating with a lot of people” was easily achieved on the platform. Rachel Callister explained that Snapchat allowed her to talk to all of her friends.

“Tik Tok is very entertaining, the creators come up with funny content that makes me laugh.” Camille Cole explained, “ I can lose track of time and stay on it for hours!”.

Tik Tok was the second favorite of Alta High’s students, with twenty-six percent of the surveyed students reporting it as their favorite.  Tik Tok is a platform where creators are able to post up to one minute long videos with different audios. The content is original and can range from comedy to dance to acting. There are always dance challenges circulating the cite. Most students agreed that Tik Tok had the “best content”. You can also follow Alta High School on Tik Tok @altahighschoolofficial.

“Instagram is the best social media platform because it has all of the elements of my favorite social media platorms combined” said Camille Cole.

Instagram and YouTube were the next runners up. Twenty-four percent of students favor Instagram and eighteen percent favor YouTube. Instagram has aspects of Snapchat (sending pictures and stories), Youtube (IGTV), and Tik Tok (15 second videos on your feed). Instagram also has a regular feed where you can post pictures/videos to.YouTube is also popular due to the large range of content, from tutorials to funny cat videos.  Twitter and Facebook came in last with virtually no votes. Facebook is said to be “for old people” according to Ryan Watt. Twitter has a section to see world news, what is trending around the world, and you can post and read tweets, pictures, and videos. Facebook is very similar to Instagram.

Social media is taking over the world today. Is social media good for communication, or is it hurting teenagers’ ability to confront people? Only time will tell.

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