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Forreste Colson

Serena Jefferson, Lizzy Carlton, & Alix Aguilar won a gold medal in various categories. Emily, Richards and Brooklyn Ledesma brought home silver medals.

Alta’s FCCLA Students and Advisors competed at star events this week.

The first region event was held on February 2, 2023.


Fabric cut, frosting whipped, business logos drawn…. FCCLA students had a busy week.

FCCLA has been anticipating this day and working on projects for the FCCLA region star events for a while now. Students chose to participate in events including fashion construction, career investigation, culinary arts, and entrepreneurship.

“It’s a really fun opportunity to develop my skills,¨ Lizzie Carlton said, “and to figure out what I like to do.”

The STAR event is a great opportunity to meet and interact with new people that live in different places.”

— Danielle Summerhays, FCCLA Advisor

After deciding what they wanted to compete in, they had to work hard to prepare. Some events are easier than others but they all require time and effort. In each event, students need to come up with a completed portfolio that includes the information about your project.

According to Mrs. Jaden Vellinga the preparation time varies. “Usually, you need a month to come up with everything and then work on,” she said. “Fashion construction can take even more than that. And an event like culinary arts can take less time.”

Students who advance to the next level after region and proceed to state. Then they progress to nationals which is will be held in Denver this year.

The advisors agree that to succeed, students also need good oral presentation skills to excel.

Mrs. Danielle Summerhays believes that the STAR event is a great opportunity to meet new people. “You can meet so many different people that live in different places, she said. “Students also compete in different things that they normally wouldn’t see before.”

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