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Last week’s snow piled high. This photo taken at Suncrest above Draper illustrates the impact one to two feet of snow has on the community.

Online Learning Days

Is it really effective?

Students love online learning days!

They experienced one due to the snow, and will have another due to parent teacher conferences.

The question is are online learning days really helpful to students? Do students complete their work?

It all comes down to motivation. Students and teachers agree that many students don’t complete their online assignments. It has been reported that the majority of students did not complete their online learning assignments during the snow day. “They don’t see the value in doing online work in a P.E. class” said Mr. Albertson.

Many students also have the lack of motivation to complete their work. “To be honest, I didn’t complete my work” Taylor Carlisle said, “I didn’t feel like it.” It can be hard for students to complete schoolwork in an environment that is nowhere similar to school.

However, there were a handful of students that did complete their work. Students such as Anya Tice and Olivia Maughan-Burun were successful. Both said their parents encouraged and “forced” them to to their work. Camille Graff explained that about half of her students do their work. “Many students are expected by parents to do extra chores or babysit.” Therefore the students that do their online work are more than likely forced by their parents.

Most students do not complete their online learning work because they don’t have the motivation to do it. But the students that do finish their work do it because they’re parents make them. 

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