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Summer wildflowers line the trail to lake Mary in Brighton, Utah

How can you make the most out of spring?

Spring is finally here!

Spring is around the corner coming officially on March 20th, just two days after prom. Now that it will begin getting warmer outside, there will be a lot more activities to do with family and friends.

 Hiking is a great way to have fun with others on a budget. Especially during the cool but not quite cold spring weather, you can go at any time of day. Little cottonwood as well as hidden valley park have many great hiking and hammock spots that are safe for those who follow the trails.

“Hammocking during spring is an absolute must.” Max Plott says, “ having friends up the canyon is so fun, especially in utah.” If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll see some live wildlife!” Picnics are another great idea if you want to enhance your hike! Go on a longer hike and enjoy a snack at the end or top of your hike, just make sure to clean up after yourself. Maybe even go during sunrise or sunset.

If a hike is too dragging for you, think about going to events like a lagoon (which opens May 27th) , concerts, drum circle or setting up your own get together with friends. Campfires are always great with friends as long as it’s in a safe controlled environment with smart responsible people around.

One of the first activities in spring that comes to mind for most people is sports! “I loved playing lacrosse in middle school during springtime, ” Leo Jensen inquired. “It was definitely a highlight of my middle school experience.”

Springtime is the best time to get out with friends and play some type of sport. Options for sports are almost never ending. From things like frisbee, baseball and soccer to climbing, running and boxing. If it’s nice out you might as well play a sport with some friends or family!

You can’t go through spring without going to the farmers market! Find a recipe and buy organic ingredients, or just go and enjoy the different booths, browse some clothing, fruit, handmade items and more. Try Wheeler farm, Liberty park, and many more that fluctuate how often they open. “Wheeler farm’s farmer market is so nice,” Ellie Anderson said. “They have the best organic fruit.”

Volunteer work is a good way to give back to your community, and since there will be loads of time over spring break it would be great to take a day to help out. You can volunteer at hospitals, food drives, marathons, even just cleaning up litter that you see around is super helpful.

Loads of concerts are starting to come into play , whether that be at places like USANA Amphitheater, or venues as small as Kilby Court, there are tons of opportunities to go see some shows with friends.

Even though spring cleaning isn’t necessarily fun, you feel so much better after deep cleaning your space and your car. Having a clean environment is extremely important to your mental and physical well being, and you might as well take the opportunity to reset your environment. 

If all of that doesn’t sound appealing, consider traveling somewhere with family or friends. Even if it’s just a small road trip somewhere close, it’s a great way to use the day or couple days. Whether it be a trip to Park City, Moab, St George or many other places you’re bound to have some fun and see some pretty views. 

Enjoy this springtime to the fullest, make sure you go outside and get some sun and fresh spring air!

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