Alta Theatre Claims First At Region, 5th Year in a Row

1st in Sweepstakes!


Nate Coleman, Staff Fine Arts Writer

The Alta Theatre Department welcomes first place in sweepstakes for the 5th year in a row! With all 42 competing actors qualifying for state they have made quite the theatrical impact. Alta had the most students qualifying for the final acting rounds with a total of 26.

“Region is amazing! I’m so grateful to bond with my team, and create art at the same time! Region is important cause we are all supporting each other and doing what we love!” says theatre student Makenna Stevens

The Theatre Department has done many productions this year, all of which were a hit. Every performance brought in a great venue and has fantastic audiences. This school years musical, The Addams Family brought students both from Alta and not, the actors worked hard with director Lindsey Cline.

The musical won several awards and had several nominees, for example Ella Gardner who played “Wednesday” was awarded with 1st place in Musical Theater, or Alex Liljenquist who played “Grandma” was nominated for most Outstanding Actress in a One Act.

Another actor nominated was Olile Amokom who played “lurch” the mysterious butler of the Addams Family, placed 1st in Dramatic Monologue!

This years play production “The Foreigner” also brought home victorious competitors. Addi Scarborough who played “Catherine Simms” was awarded with 3rd place Humorous Monologue.  All of the actors performed outstandingly and really showcased the talent they have learned in theatre class.

1st Place Dramatic Monologue: Olile Amokom

3rd Place Humorous Monologue: Addi Scarborough

1st Musical Theatre: Ella Gardner

Outstanding Actress in a One-Act Award: Alex Liljenquist

Directors Linze Struiksma and Lindsey Cline are not at all surprised by the amount of talent displayed and are more than proud of the hard working actors.

All of the departments technicians move to state, each with their own medal. The behind the scene workers of Alta’s production absolutely deserve the awards. The listing goes as follows:

Tim Holt: Third Scenic Design

Sunny Hornbaker: Second Scenic Design

Lacey Thompson: First Scenic Design

Simone Wiatrak: Second Costume Design

Jaycey Bennion: First Costume Design

The Alta Tech Department is an unfortunately lesser recognized group at Alta, but were here to shine a little ‘spotlight’ on to them. In charge of all the technical aspects of theatre, shows couldn’t run without them.

All of your favorite parts of the production like quick changes, music segments, light fixtures, or even the curtain rise are all impossible without an outstanding tech crew like the one at Alta.

Alta offers a tech class taught by Linze Struiksma which explores stage design and how to put the product in production. Several students this year were rewarded with Technical achievements like Lacey Thompson who was awarded with First in Scenic Design.

Alta was incredibly responsible for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd all in Scenic Design.

We are so amazed with the hard work the Alta Theatre has done and what they will do. The Theatre Department has already begun rehearsals for their State competition in which they hope to win! Show support to the department by looking out for coming auditions this May on