Alta Spotlight: Herbie the Hawk

Herbie the Hawk is the embodiment of Alta’s school spirit!


Herbie skydives into the Doug Anderson Field as part of the Homecoming Pep Rally in 2013.

Ian Ackermann, Sports Editor

Alta students are known for their presence and hype at games and assemblies, but one hawk stands heads above the rest!

Herbie the Hawk is a timeless and iconic tradition at Alta! Students are always excited when Herbie make appearances at games, assemblies, and other school events. “When I see Herbie, I feel the fire in my heart ignited” says Caleb Lowry.

“He rallies people up and is a really good personality for showing our spirit,” Garek Fowler observed.

“[He] strikes fear into our opponents,” adds Peter Affleck jokingly, “they think Herbie is going to swoop down on them”

Herbie has made many iconic appearances throughout Alta’s history. Whether riding a horse into the Corner v. Alta game of ’17 or skydiving onto the field during the pep rally of ’13, Herbie knows how to excite a crowd, and he does so in style.

Herbie is definitely a celebrity at our Alta events. “The community loves Herbie,” remarks Mrs. Louder. “They love to take pictures with [him].”

So, who is Herbie? When asked, Student Government Advisor Mrs. Louder was very tight lipped. “Herbie is Herbie,” she insisted. “Herbie is a hawk.” While we may never find out who Herbie is, students have their theories.  From SBOs to Dr. Mcgill to teachers, everyone has a different idea of who it is.

Caleb Lowry theorizes that “when old Herbie dies his son becomes the new mascot!”

There is definitely an air of mystery around our mascot, and while we may not know who Herbie is, he is definitely one of the most loved figures at Alta!

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