Other Countries

As 2020 came to an end, people also thought that the chaos would also end. However, this is not how it has gone down so far. 2021 has started out just as bad as 2020.

Starting off this year, the capitol has been raided by people that don’t agree with the election. This causes other countries to stop and look at the U.S. 

Other countries are paying attention to the U.S. just as much as us Americans seem to be. Russian president Valdimir Putin is mad at Trump for not honoring his agreement to “fix ties” between the countries.

The United Kingdom has noticed Trump’s loss of the election, and described him as a “poor loser”. They say that he has damaged the image of the American people, and has started the division of the country.

Overall, other countries are looking on as Americans storm the capitol, riot, etc. Their view varies between countries, but usually isn’t the best as of 2021.